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We live in a society where the demand far exceeded supply. We can choose a variety of goods and services, but often pay for something and get nothing in return.

Since the ’90s in Romania has been induced the concept of” cheap and good.”
Do you agree? You what do you think about this? Exist this concept?

In my opinion it does not exist and often see only hints about this, specifically I see it as a strategy to capture customers by selling them something they really will not have a price” cheap”. Quality, It always pays!

Without giving names of transport , there are many operators that offer airport shuttle services at prices that would convince any of us. I think you’ll agree.
That’s until you tried the service :

-where waiting up to two or four hours in the airport landing, waiting for the driver that come with other customers charter. Besides calling that would not be a problem if you stay low on patience, can we also have a trip that lasts about two hours and a half, without climate on, (because we fuel economy) or stand crowded.
My dear, before making such a choice think carefully, but not necessarily to your money at your time.
TIME’s the most precious resource of all of us, once lost can’t regain energy and money, made ​​to move! (Money coming and going)
And now come’s the natural question:

Why pay an airport transfer with Kruiser more than low cost air ticket why choose Kruiser?

Let’s take them one by one, through concrete examples:

kruiser 4in1

A flight to Milan-Bergamo which lasts approx. 1h and 40min. and where Oradea trip is about 2 hours and 30min. A

 To answer at your second question, why KRUISER? you  spend more time to browse distance from Oradea airport than the flight itself. For this reason I believe that the time spent in the car must be comfortable, so after all my traveling passenger not feel fatigue.

-For your travels whether they are for business, meetings, or events, airport transfers or driver safety services and car rental with driver, Kruiser put at your disposal a Mercedes V Class.

 Why Mercedes V Class?

kruiser 4 in 1 b

Because it provides an independent and seat comfort thanks to their anatomical positioning. In addition, you can opt to rotate 360 ° so table seats can be opened and the car becomes a mobile office. Besides supplying 230V laptop will have at your disposal a key internet and read articles all tastes.
And to prevent ”dehydration”  KRUISER offers a water or mineral taste 🙂
Romanian speakers, Italian and some English do not have to make problems because we get along great 🙂


Have we made ​​you curious? For other” secrets” :
– Visit the website www.kruiser.ro or
– Call me +40756.529.778 or
– Write me an e-mail to contact@kruiser.ro

You’re welcome,

Robert Casapu

PS: Do not forget, when you travel, do it in style and choose KRUISER !

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