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Kruiser StoryKruiser Rent a car with driver was born as a result of frequent journeys by plane from Italy to Romania and that I always had difficulties from landing to get home.

About 8 years ago I settled in Italy, where I started a new stage of my life: new friendships, different lifestyle, work experience that helped me professionally and to grow up .

The first drawback in this mode of traveling was that race that I can access them did not reach the airport in Oradea, my hometown, but arrived at the airport of Timisoara or on the airport of Cluj Napoca both cities are about 150 km from OradeaSince Romania has been and remains my home often came to Romania, first by car but the travel was extremely tiring: the journey took 12 hours and 12 hours returned, many times in one weekend, and that was too much so I started traveling with airplane which gave me the chance of a much less tiring trips and even less expensive.

The second drawback was that I could not find a way to get from the airport to home, the most commonly used method was ‘call a friend’ or rarely by train, but the train many times was hours away from the time of landing

On this occasion I remember a story, funny in the moment, but stressful at that time: I reached the airport at 17:15 with a slight delay (often encountered J)  and must arrive at the station no later than 17:45 to catch the train.

I took a cab and you can imagine what followed … a crazy race, something common to taxi drivers, in rush hour, hopefully  I’ll get the train, which fortunately happened in the last minute.

Returning to the idea of  this business I can say that all the experiences I went through led me to study what I could do so to work both in pleasure and in a professional manner.

Cumulating own experience and market needs have found a ‘niche’ segment that I could ‘satisfy’ with the services provided to me.

With ‘Kruiser rent a car with driver’ you can get a travel service, not a transport service, because I’ll try to customize what I will deliver you: either you will be dealing with an airport shuttle, or as it will be car rental with driver.

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